What do we need to bring?

For swim lessons the child needs a towel, sunscreen, and a bathing suit. Goggles are not required, however, your child may use them if desired.  

For water babies both the parent and child will be getting in the water. Please make sure to put your child in a swimming diaper and not a regular diaper for this class.

What do we do if it is raining during our scheduled swim lesson time?

If the weather looks bad, please still come up to the pool at your scheduled swim lesson time. Sometimes it may be raining in one area of town and be sunny at the pool. In the case that we do have to cancel the swim lesson due to weather that will be announced at the pool at the scheduled swim lesson time. Our lessons run Monday through Thursday allowing us to make up lessons on Friday when necessary.  

Can we sign up for multiple sessions?

Absolutely! Each session is 2 weeks long with a total of 8 lessons per session.

My child is 2.5 years old and very comfortable in the water, can I sign them up for swim lessons?

Yes! If you feel as if your child will sit on the wet step and listen to group instruction, then go ahead and bump them up to the swim lesson class rather than doing water babies.

What are front crawl and back crawl?

These are strokes that you may know as “freestyle” and “backstroke.”