About our Swim Lessons

Safety is our number 1 priority at Alan Cox Aquatics! Our instructors are trained to never turn their backs on their classes. Each class is comprised of 4-6 students per instructor with a potential maximum of 30 students. Students are expected to sit on the “wet step” of the pool while their instructor is working one on one with another student. Each student will have the opportunity for one on one interaction with their instructor as well as participation in group activities. Our swim lessons are taught progressively, meaning the fundamentals of swimming are the foundation for all of our instruction.

On the first day of lessons students participate in a water skills assessment test and are then divided into groups based on skill level. The various skill levels (levels 1 through 3) encompass beginner swimmers all the way to advanced swimmers.

Level 1: This level is for beginner swimmers who have minimal experience in the water. The goal of this class is to ensure that students become comfortable in the water. Swimmers will learn the fundamentals of front crawl as they gain confidence in the water.

Level 2: This level is for intermediate swimmers who have mastered front crawl. Swimmers will continue to work on front crawl as well as be introduced to back crawl.

Level 3: This level is for advanced swimmers who have already mastered both front and back crawl. The instructor of this class will refine the swimmer’s front and back crawl, as well as teach elementary backstroke and breaststroke.